Traditionell svensk husmanskost i annorlunda miljö.

:: Before ::
Tomato and red onion salad 55:-
Poached plums with roasted walnuts, Påverås blue and salt baked pumpkin 110:-
Swedish herring tray with “Västerbotten” cheese and homemade crisp bread 129:-
Bleek roe from Kalix with toast and traditional assortments 30g. 189:- / 50g. 235:- 189:-
Crêpes HRH Prince Bertil (shrimps, dill, hollandaise) 139:-
Oysters Fine de Claire, with cucumber & horseradish vinaigrette each 30:- / 6 x  150:- 30:-
Smakas selection of Swedish charcuteries 139:-
Extended plateau with our favourites from the Swedish smorgasbord min. 2 pax 199:-
:: Meat / Fish ::
”Smakas” meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingon berries 140:-
XL 165:-
Corn chicken breast on mixed salad with “Prästost”  vinaigrette and croutons 149:-
“Smakas Fish au gratin” 159:-
Salt & sugar cured salmon with dill creamed potatoes and mustard sauce 189:-
File of Venison with fried mushrooms, glazed pumpkin and pommes allumette 235:-
Blackpudding with fried pork, apple and lingonberries 159:-
Cabbage rolls stuffed with oatkernels and goat cheese served with smoked tomatoes & herbsallad 169:-
Codfish quenells with crocodile dill sauce, sauted spinach and pressed potatoes 189:-
Minute steak with baked eggyolk, horseradish, red wine sauce and potatoe puré 195:-
Minced game steak with mushroom springroll, browned lingonberry butter and mashed potatoes 189:-
Pink fried breast of duck, with stewed black kale, red wine sauce & “Hasselbacks” potatoes225:-
Flash fried pike pearch with chanterelles, musselsauce & crushed potatoes with mussels & dill225:-
Small green salad 55:-
:: After ::
Crême Caramel 85:-
Lemon sorbet 45:-
“Kalvdans” from Hugo Ericsson with warm cloudberry jam and whipped cream 95:-
Warm blackberries with vanilla ice cream and crushed meringues 95:-
Applesoufflé with vanilla ice cream 105:-
Assorted Swedish cheese 125:-/one peace with assortments 45:- 45:-
Plopp or Dajm 24:-
Chocolate truffles with coffee syrup 39:-